3 Types Of Scratches Your Car May Sustain In A Minor Collision

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3 Types Of Scratches Your Car May Sustain In A Minor Collision

16 January 2023
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If you have been driving for years, the chances are that you have witnessed a fender bender or have been involved in one. At a glance, a fender bender is just a minor accident that may leave you unscathed and able to continue your journey. But this does not mean your car won't sustain damage. In most cases, the damage may include scratches and dents on the body. But you should immediately get them fixed at an auto collision center, whether you notice minor or major scratches. Here are different scratches your car may sustain in a fender bender.

1. Clear Coat Scratches

Your car body has a clear outer coat that protects the paint from oxidation, ultraviolet rays, road salt, acid rain, and road tar. It also makes your car shiny and appealing. Unfortunately, a fender bender may leave scratches on your clear coat, making your car ugly. And if you do not take it to an auto collision center, your paint will be at high risk for damage. The auto collision repair specialists will polish the scratched parts with high-end pads and polishes to ensure it is blemish-free.

2. Paint Scratches

If the other car makes contact with your car's body, the odds are that it will leave behind paint scratches. These go beyond the clear coat and penetrate the paint layer. And if you do not address it immediately, water will reach the metallic part of your body, causing rust. But you should not try DIY paint repair since you might make the damage worse and need costly repairs. Take your car to a renowned auto collision center. They will clean the scratches, apply matching paint, buff, and polish it to ensure your car is as stunning as it was before the crash.

3. Primer Scratches

These are big and unsightly. They extend past the paint layer into the interior primer all the way to the metal. Primer scratches can easily allow water, road salt, and tar on your body's metal part, leading to corrosion that may leave it weak and unable to protect you in the event of another crash. Even worse, a corroded car body calls for full paintwork, which is usually costly. You can save yourself the costs and hassles of full paintwork by seeking auto collision services without delay. The experts will sand, prime, repaint and polish the scratches to give your car its former look.

Do not overlook scratches sustained in a fender bender, thinking they are just aesthetic issues. You will be exposing your auto body to costly damage. If your car has sustained any of the above scratches, head to a reliable auto collision center for effective bodywork services. The experts will restore your vehicle to its tip-top shape.

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