The Process That Technicians Use To Replace A Windshield

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The Process That Technicians Use To Replace A Windshield

25 July 2022
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When your windshield has chips and cracks, you may need to have it replaced. Not only will this improve the appearance of your vehicle, but it will also allow you to improve the structural integrity of your car. There are several things you can expect when you take your car to an auto glass replacement service.

Why Windshields Need to Be Replaced

You might wonder why you cannot simply have your windshield repaired. The problem with repairing a windshield is that there are some chips and cracks that simply cannot be repaired. A damaged windshield can jeopardize the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Preparing Your Car

One of the first priorities for an auto glass replacement service is to make sure that the car is not damaged as it is being replaced. The hood of the car and the dash are covered with towels so that the debris can then be removed more easily. There are several components of your car that need to be removed, such as your windshield wipers, so they won't be damaged.

The Removal of the Old Windshield

The old windshield will be completely removed. First, the molding needs to be removed. This is a strip that creates a seal for your car. The technicians will need to cut through the adhesive using a special knife. The windshield then needs to be removed using suction cups. This is done to prevent the old windshield from breaking.

There might be traces of the old molding left behind that need to be cut away before the new windshield can be put in place. The urethane needs to be stripped down until it is close to the metal frame. They then put new urethane in place.

The Installation of the New Windshield

The new windshield is inserted and held in place by primers and adhesives. When the urethane is in place, the windshield should not be moved around until everything has been cured. Then, the windshield will be cleaned. This is a good time to inspect the windshield and make sure that nothing has gone wrong.

The good news is that the auto glass repair does not take very long to complete. In many cases, you'll be able to have the repairs finished the next day. After the windshield has been replaced, you will have to wait for a while before the car is safe to drive to ensure that the adhesive has fully dried.

For additional information, contact an auto glass replacement service in your area.