Repairing Your Vehicle Following A Major Hailstorm

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Repairing Your Vehicle Following A Major Hailstorm

27 November 2020
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When a hail storm moves through your area, it can cause sizable damages to the body of your car. While it is easily possible to have these damages repaired, a car owner that has incorrect information about these repair options can be at a major disadvantage when they are working to restore their vehicle.

Myth: Auto Hail Repair Will Always Involve Repainting The Exterior

A car owner may assume that they will always need to have their car's exterior repainted after it has suffered hail damage. However, this may not be the case as long as the hail did not cause a chip to the paint. This is possible as paintless dent repair can allow for most of the more common types of hail damage to be repaired without needing to paint body filler to match the rest of the vehicle.

Myth: Auto Glass Hail Damage Will Always Require The Glass To Be Replaced

The glass of your car is another component that will be at an elevated risk of suffering damage as a result of a hail storm. Large hailstones will be able to strike the glass with enough force to cause it to break or suffer severe enough damage that could require replacement. However, milder glass damages will often be able to be repaired through the use of traditional glass repair resin. Unfortunately, the damages that hail impacts can cause may be extremely prone to rapid expansion. As a result, repairing these hail damages quickly should always be a high priority.

Myth: Body Dents And Damaged Glass Are The Only Problems Hail Can Cause For A Vehicle

Car owners will frequently assume that body dents and damaged glass are the biggest threats that their vehicle will face from a hail storm. This is not the case as there are many other ways that these weather events will be able to have a negative impact on your vehicle. Large hailstones can dislodge side mirrors and antennas, and they may even be able to break the head or tail lights. Understanding the full range of repairs that the vehicle may need following a significant hail storm can allow you to be better able to assess the vehicle after the storm moves out of the area. Otherwise, you may be at a risk of missing damages that need to be repaired quickly or underestimating the seriousness of the damages that the vehicle suffered as a result of these impacts.

For more information about hail damage repair services, talk to an auto repair professional in your area.