The Benefits Of A Full Auto Body And Repair Shop For Commercial Trucks

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The Benefits Of A Full Auto Body And Repair Shop For Commercial Trucks

31 July 2018
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Commercial fleets usually have to go in several directions when they need repairs and body work after an accident. Most trucks drive away from accident scenes seemingly unscathed. However, there is always that one fleet truck that somehow gets dinged and banged up quite a lot. If this describes one of your fleet trucks as of late, be sure to find and hire a complete auto body and repair shop. Here are the benefits of using a one-stop shop to restore this truck to its former glory.

The Bodywork Can Be Done at the Same Time as the Engine Work

There are different mechanics and technicians at work in a shop like this one. The body technicians begin removing damaged panels and doors and working on them, while the engine and wheel mechanics begin their repairs. The result is a damaged truck that is restored and returned to you in half the time because the truck does not have to go to two or more separate shops.

You Get One Estimate and One Bill

The truck goes to one location. You get one estimate for all the necessary repair work. If you agree to go ahead with the work, you get one bill when all of the mechanics and technicians are done with their work. That means you never have to keep track of all of the bills related to the repair and restoration of this truck. If you have insurance on the truck, you can also submit a copy of the one bill to the insurance company and be done with it.

If Anything Else Goes Wrong with the Truck, You Can Take the Truck Back to This Commercial Fleet Repair Company

Since this all-in-one commercial fleet repair company is already familiar with your truck from all of the work they completed on it, it becomes a natural choice to take the truck back to this location if anything else goes wrong with the truck. The shop can check its records to make sure they did not miss anything the first time. They can also check to see if the parts in question are under warranty, and then replace the warrantied parts for free. You may like the convenience of this shop so much that you start taking the rest of your fleet there as well. Some all-in-one auto body and repair shops offer discounts for repeat business, which would definitely help you.