3 Things To Understand About Cost Of Transmission Repair

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3 Things To Understand About Cost Of Transmission Repair

18 January 2018
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If your transmission in not working properly, and you need to fix your transmission, there are a few things you need to understand about the cost of transmission repair. Changing out the fluids in your transmission is an affordable repair, comparable to an oil change. However, if your transmission breaks down and has to be rebuilt, this can be very expensive. There is a reason for this expense though.

Computer Controlled

To start with, most modern transmissions are not just a mechanical unit. They are a computer controlled component. When your transmission stops working, it is not only a matter of fixing the actual manual issues with the transmission, it is also an electronic and technological issue as well.

When the shop, a place like Downtown Garage & Auto Body, fixes your transmission, they don't just have to fix the parts, they have to make sure that each component of your transmission communicates correctly with the computer controlling it. They also have to make sure that your computer is getting the right information from the engine and other components as well.

Multiple Components

Next, you need to understand how your transmission is constructed. Your transmission is not just one big component. Your transmission is made out of many different parts. Oftentimes, each part has subcomponents inside the part. So replacing a single part of your transmission involves numerous parts. When you look at all the subassemblies and parts that make up your transmission, you can easily count hundred or even close to a thousand different parts that make up all the components within your transmission.

All of those parts means rebuilding a transmission or fixing a major issue with your transmission is no easy each. Each component has to be removed, cleaned and tested to figure out if it is damaged. Then, any damaged parts within that component have to be removed. Once the component is put back together, it has to be tested to ensure that the part can operate correctly.

This process is repeated for each component inside of your transmission. Each has to be individually removed, cleaned, inspected, repaired and tested before it is put back in place. This is a very time consuming and involved process. 

Reinstalling The Entire Unit

After all of the individual components inside of a transmission have been fixed and put back inside of the transmission, the entire unit has to be reinstalled in your vehicle. This can involve moving around multiple other parts depending on the engine set-up  of your vehicle and putting multiple different parts back in place that you removed in order to get to the transmission in the first place. Once the transmission is back in place, testing has to be undergone to ensure that the transmissions and any parts that were removed and put back in place in order to fix the transmission are working properly.

Rebuilding a transmission is a very intense process that can involve hundreds of parts and numerous man hour. The cost of replacing a transmission, when you look at the work and parts involved, is actually a really affordable repair based on the work that goes into the job.