Modern Traveling Problems: 3 Tips To Help Deal With Minor RV Auto Body Damage On The Road

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Modern Traveling Problems: 3 Tips To Help Deal With Minor RV Auto Body Damage On The Road

5 October 2017
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If you have a modern RV with all the bells and whistles, then there is also a higher chance for problems while you are traveling. The newest RVs may have features like slide-outs, automated awnings, and fiberglass parts, which are easily damaged while traveling. To avoid more serious problems that could lead to being stranded, you will want to be prepared to deal with some of these modern traveling problems. Here are a few tips that will help you deal with your modern RV traveling problems:

1. Slide-Outs That Are Stuck and Not Operating Properly

With modern RVs, slide-out features help to provide more spacious living space when you are parked. The problem with these features is that they work with tracks and can sometimes get jammed. It is important that you know how to get the slide-out back in place if it does become jammed. There should be a manual way of operating the slideout, so you can at least get it secured in a closed position that will allow you to drive your RV to a collision repair service. If you need help getting the slide-out closed and getting your RV in driving condition, contact an RV collision repair service for advice and help.

2. Awnings That Get Damaged in Weather or While Driving

Awnings are another modern feature that many RVs have. With new awnings, they may be operated automatically, which sometimes can lead to problems with closing them and damage during driving. In addition, awnings of all types can be damaged during storms if they are open when a storm comes. An RV collision repair service will be able to help you with repairs to the awnings of your RV, as well as installation of new awnings.

3. Fiberglass Body Parts That Become Damaged While on the Road

To keep the weight down with heavy RVs, fiberglass bodywork is often used. The fiberglass is great for making your vehicle lighter, but it can also easily be damaged. Problems like cracks could lead to you losing parts. It is a good idea to have a toolkit with some emergency fiberglass repair materials to do quick repairs until you can get your RV to a repair shop.

These are a few tips that will help you deal with problems with your RV while you are on the road. Many of the solutions are temporary, and you will want to contact a professional RV collision repair service to help with the repairs.