Steps To Take After Car Vandalism

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Steps To Take After Car Vandalism

3 October 2017
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Having your car vandalized is every motorist's nightmare. However, with the right information, you can handle it better and go through the ordeal without unnecessary stress.

Fortunately, comprehensive insurance policies cover vandalism. If you are unsure, confirm with your insurance carrier. To increase the chances of having your insurance claims honored, you need to follow certain procedures, such as:

Take a Picture

Take a picture of your car, highlighting the damages. Also, make an inventory of any lost personal items as a result of the incident. You will need these to file your insurance claims.

Protect Your Car from Further Damage

Cover any damaged windows until you can get auto glass repair. Often, the insurance policy will pay for materials used. Any further unprotected damage will not be covered by the insurer. 

File a Police Report

File a report with the police immediately. This increases the chances of catching the culprits. Your insurance carrier will also require this report.

Call Your Insurer/Agent

You will be required to provide the following information/documents:

  • The Vehicle title

  • Date and time of the incident

  • Location of all keys at the time of the incident

  • Contacts of the financing company if the car is financed.

  • A description of the vehicle including recent repairs and/or upgrades

  • Police report number

  • Location of damage on your car

  • The cost of damage in relation to your deductible amount.

  • The auto glass repair or body shop where you want your car repaired

Claims Adjuster

Your insurer may require that you speak to a claims adjuster to eliminate the likelihood of fraud.

Check if your insurance covers car rental as your car undergoes repair.


Find out in advance what your auto insurance deductible is. Often you make this choice when taking the policy, so there is most likely an amount to pay in advance.

Have your Car Repaired

Your auto insurance carrier may have a specific auto body shop for repairs. Confirm if this is the case or whether you are free to have it repaired at a shop of your choice. Pay and keep all receipts safely. You'll need them for your claim.

In case of vandalism, your car insurance will most likely repair your car if you have a comprehensive policy. To benefit from this reprieve, make sure you follow the right steps while you're making your claim. Report the incident to the police immediately and follow your insurer's instructions.

Contact an auto glass repair service for more information and assistance.