Provide An Old Clunker With Minor Cosmetic Work Prior To Using Your Car As A Delivery Vehicle

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Provide An Old Clunker With Minor Cosmetic Work Prior To Using Your Car As A Delivery Vehicle

2 October 2017
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If you purchased an old clunker that has small dings on its side panels and you plan to use your car as a delivery vehicle for the flower shop that you own, some minor cosmetic work will conceal the damage. Once you have completed steps to improve the automobile's exterior, secure a vinyl decal to each side of the car to promote your flower shop and announce your arrival when making deliveries. 

Supplies And Tools

  • power nozzle
  • hose
  • rags
  • detergent
  • scrub brush
  • emery cloth
  • primer marker
  • paint marker
  • microfiber sponge
  • auto body sealant
  • tape measure
  • vinyl decals
  • plastic scraper

Clean The Body 

Park your vehicle in an open area that is not under any tree limbs. Screw a power nozzle onto the end of a hose. Inspect the vehicle to make sure that the doors are shut properly and that the windows are closed all of the way. Turn on the water spigot and spray the vehicle's body with a steady water stream. Use a rag that has automotive detergent poured on it to clean dirt that is on the car's body. Use a scrub brush to apply detergent to wheel wells, tires, and rims. Use plenty of water to rinse the vehicle's exterior.

Touch Up Imperfections

Purchase an emery cloth, primer marker, and paint marker from a business that sells automotive parts and supplies. Before purchasing a paint marker, ask if you can see a sample of each paint color so that you can match the original color of the car's body.

Use a few drops of water to dampen the sandpaper that is on one side of the emery cloth. Grip the fabric side of the cloth and move the paper over rough parts on the vehicle's body. Use water to remove small particles of dust that are on the vehicle's exterior. After the vehicle's body has dried, use one coat of primer and a couple coats of paint to cover small dings on the car's body. Apply each coat separately and wait for primer or paint to dry thoroughly. 

Increase Shine And Affix Customized Decals

Buff the vehicle's body to provide metal pieces with a glossy appearance. Pour a small amount of a water-based sealant onto a microfiber sponge. Move the sponge across each part of the car's exterior. Use a clean sponge to remove extra sealant.

Visit an advertising firm that sells customized materials. Inquire about having vinyl decals designed that include your flower shop's name, address, and a contact number. Include a symbol or picture of flowers on each decal.

Before adding the decals to each side of the vehicle, use a tape measure to line decals across exterior panels. Flatten each decal or remove creases in the advertisements by pushing a plastic scraper over the surface of each one. 

Contact an auto shop, like Black Horse Auto Body Shop Inc, for more help.